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The Birthing Process

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Childbirth is so painful, there is no denying that. It starts with cramps that are light and barely felt to sharp piercing excruciating contractions that feel like someone is ripping your but apart. And, for those of you who do … Continue reading

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Christianity: Sex & Dating

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If you are having sexual intercourse outside of marriage, you are taking part and reveling in a privilege that is not intended for you. “But, aren’t we married in heaven?” No! Continue reading

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As I Lay Me Down to Sleep

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As I lay me down to sleep, I dream of an unclad woman – soft and sweet. She had flawless skin and silk-like hair. Her complexion was chocolate – tanned and fair.  On a mountaintop, she set – so picturesque, … Continue reading

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Easy Cooking “Warms the Soul”

Easy Cooking, Easy Like Sunday Morning!  On really cold or storming rainy days, when the lightning is flashing and the thunder bouldering like the universe crackling; or when the landscape is blanketed with snow or ice – there is nothing … Continue reading

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“To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). We are living in an era where so many people, places, and things are being destroyed, demolished. Man-made catastrophes tearing our world apart … Continue reading

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An Assignment

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What is an assignment? In my opinion, an assignment is a mission or undertaking delegated to someone as part of their job responsibilities or part of their studies.  It can be referred to as a calling, vocation,  function, or duty.  Does … Continue reading

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It is not Easy, but it is Worth it!

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My inspiration for writing was born out of my need to communicate what I was afraid to say aloud, to share what I was ashamed to share aloud. It was a way of confronting issues that I had no voice … Continue reading

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