Mothers: The Heartbeat of the World!

“Like God’s love, a true mother’s love is unconditional. She does not base her love for her child on accomplishments, behavior, and stipulations. She gives her love freely without reservation, just because it is in her nature to do so” (Yvonne James, 2016, Baring My Soul, Inspirational Article, p. 22).

Mothers Love


When you rape and rob the womb, you rape and rob the world of potential.  The womb, only found in women, is the place where life is conceived and formed. It is where the fetus grows and calls home until birth – the perfect baby carrier between the bladder and the rectum. An exceptionally beautiful muscle that provides a safe, well-insulated environment for a new life to develop – expanding as the baby grows!  Women are literally the heartbeat of the world – pumping life and personality, hopes and dreams, potential and possibilities into society every second of the day. Without women, there would be no human race, no means of procreation.

From the onset, the mother and child are linked together by the placenta, which is attached by an umbilical cord. Then, there is the mucus plug to seal the womb; the amniotic sac and fluid to keep the baby cool; abdominal muscles to offer extra support;  and the pubic bone and spine for harder side protection. So, before you say, “My mommy don’t want me, she does not love me” remember everything she had to go through for nine months just to get you here! And, it wasn’t a pretty sight for sure.

CELEBRATE your mother because although being a mother is one of this life’s highest callings – it is also one of this life’s greatest challenges!  There are no handbooks to follow, no step-by-step manuals to review – just a mother’s love and maternal instinct. When she first meet you, after all the labor pains and pushing, you were the most beautiful person she had ever laid her eyes on. She just wanted to hold you, to smell you, to see the look in your eyes, to see you smile and feel your heart beat – skin to skin. The first time she heard you cry was like sweet music to her ears.

I am aware that all mothers are not the same, and for sure, none of us are perfect. But, one thing you can always count on – our unconditional love! If you have a strained relationship with your mother, I pray it is not beyond repair. This Mother’s Day and every day, honor your mother and the influence she has in your life.  If necessary, make amends even if you believe you are right. From birth to adulthood, a mother’s role changes in her child’s life as they reach and surpass each development stage, and sometimes, the adjustment is not always smooth – it is hard to let go. “You see the woman, the female parent; the mother is a complicated package, but it is all wrapped up in love” (Yvonne James, 2016, Baring My Soul, Inspirational Article, p.25).

To all the mothers, who have always put your child’s needs above your own, Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the single mothers,  who carry the responsibility of both parents, Happy Matriarch’s Day! 


“Mothers: The Heartbeat of the World” — Yvonne James |


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