Bob & Weave, Baby! Bob & Weave!

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I am a prize fighter in a bout with the crabs in the bucket – wrestling against principalities and power, spiritual wickedness in high places! They keep reaching for me, taunting me but I am a brawler – I ain’t going anywhere. I like to fight aggressively on the inside of the canvas.  Yea, I been caught cold, taken off guard, but my chief second is in charge of my corner and he keeps me on point! I have a good set of whiskers, and through Him, I can endure anything you throw at me – He is my salvation.

I am no upstart, I been fighting for a long time and got too many victories under my belt to be upset – it is toe-to-toe.   If you are waiting for my corner to throw in the towel, you can forget it – it is not going to happen because the battle is not given to the strong, but to him that perseveres until the end. Don’t get it twisted – I am more than a champion!

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You see, you are a titlist, I am a stylist, I rely on the skills my trainer taught me and I have my full and complete armor on. Yea, I know, you thought I was shopworn, but when this bout is over, they will not be calling any technicalities (technical draw or technical decision) – except for a technical knockout!

This is not a spar, this is the real deal – I am fighting for the prize of the high calling of God, I’m fighting for my life. You can slip, sucker punch, pawstick and move all you want, because in my mind – this bout is fixed. Favor ain’t fair! There won’t be a rubber match, and you won’t be saved by the bell because I am soaring like an eagle and like a well of living waters springing up – I am flowing free.

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Ain’t no sense in covering up and I hope your cutman got enough bandages for your glass jaw because I am coming in with the combination. You won’t have time to counter punch because I am going to feint and come back with a corkscrew punch so powerful and mesmerizing you won’t be able to go the distance.

I am the main event baby, who told you-you could handle me! Plodder, playing possum ain’t gonna stop me, I am your worst nightmare – a ring generalship! You don’t stand a puncher’s chance in hades. Bob and weave, baby, bob and weave because I am going to be rough housing, rabbit punching – I got two crosses for you: the cross on the hill and my cross.

The purse is already mine, it already belongs to me! I came to get my stuff!  Bob and weave, baby, bob and weave because like Muhammad Ali, “I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!” Like Mike Tyson, “My style is impetuous, my defense is impregnable, and I am just ferocious!”  Like Joe Louis, “You can run, but you can’t hide!” I paid my dues, it’s my time, it’s my season! I am soaring like an eagle and like a well of living waters springing up – I am flowing free.

You are faded, baby and you might as well take a dive because I’ve got the King of Kings on my side, and in my insides keeping me alive!  I am going to the body with a haymaker, following through with a kidney punch and liver shot – be prepared to take your punishment! It is finished!

My name is Victorious! I have power and you have none! I come against every attack of the enemy! Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world!

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“Bob & Weave, Baby! Bob & Weave!” — Yvonne James |


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