The Chat Room

A chat room is a networked computer area where users gather to communicate on a particular topic. It is real time talk and interactive messaging. Like other social media outlets, it is a virtual world where you meet virtual strangers. It is like a virtual gathering where you meet just to hang out and talk about your hobbies and interest, politics and sports.

Social media is not a new phenomenon, it has been around for decades by way of email, instant messaging. The concept has evolved from Friendster, launched in 2002, from LinkedIn in 2003, from Myspace, Flickr, and Facebook launched in 2004, YouTube in 2005, Twitter in 2006, to Foursquare in 2009 – and, there are others.

Through these forums, we can communicate with virtual people, living in virtual rooms all over the globe. This is probably the appeal, access to more people – especially for marketing. The problem is, we are not virtual people or are we? Do we talk more on the internet via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram than we do in reality?  Frightening isn’t it!

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Humans still need the stimuli of touch and human contact. Communication is the heartbeat of any relationship. It pumps the blood that flows through the veins and gives life and much-needed oxygen in order for that relationship to exist – in order for it to breath. The thing about social media, you do not have to listen. You can just delete or scroll pass what you do not want to engage in – and, keep it moving.

We need more than someone hiding behind a fictitious identity, with a fictitious career, driving fictitious cars, with an imaginary relationship status – breastfeeding fictitious babies in their fabricated houses on an imaginary hill giving us bogus advice.  Nothing can substitute or compare to real world human interaction. There are some aspects of communication you cannot see in a virtual world: facial expressions, body language, eye contact, hand gestures. They all play a part in understanding the information is that being relayed to you.

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I want to know more than “What’s on Your Mind.” I want to know how you smile, what you feel, how your perfume smells, the sound of your voice! I want to know your laugh, the look in your eyes when you are happy or sad – not virtually, but up close and in person.  Do not let your virtual, social networking relationships interfere with your human interactions with family and friends.

Give someone a hug, look into someone’s eyes, hold someone’s hand – ask them, “What’s on Your Mind?” Then, listen. I think I will write someone a letter, drop it in the mailbox – let them know, in my own handwriting (won’t have to worry about which font to chose), that I love them and that I care. JUST FOR OLD TIMES SAKE! Call a friend, visit a relative, yep, I THINK I WILL!


Social Media Treatment Facility! Coming Soon to a City Near You!

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