When Love Hurts

Ouch! I know we say that love should not hurt, but sometimes it does! Sometimes, we pour so much of ourselves into others than we are reciprocated, and we find ourselves empty and void of any type of gratification. After all, we are only human. A simple I love you, thank you, that meant a lot to me can go a long way to mending a broken relationship.

If you are not the type of person to openly show affection, or verbally communicate how you feel – start practicing coming out of your shell and share how you feel with those you love. That is if you value them and want to keep them in your life. You may not see it, but everyone has a big bullseye on their back that says, “LOVE ME!”

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If you do not tell them, how will they know? They should not have to wonder how you feel or walk around lonely, feeling perplexed and confused about their status in your life. We are way past pulling the petals off the plant, “(S)He Loves Me? Loves Me Not? Loves Me? Loves Me Not?”  Be thoughtful and considerate of the other person’s emotional well-being.

If you wrong someone, be apologetic. The worse thing you can do to someone who loves you is to hurt them and not come back to say, “I was wrong, I am so sorry for hurting you.”  You know, we live and we learn. Sometimes we get burned by selfish, greedy individuals that we welcome (with open arms) into our lives and they take way more than they give.  Or, they will have people believing that they have given you so much, and you have done absolutely nothing for them.

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NO, love should not hurt, but we are only human,  and sometimes we lash out and hurt the people we love the most. Consider Christ, “The souls that I came to heal; they are the souls that crucified me; and the hearts that I came to mend, oh Father, are the hearts that turned from me. But still, I’ve come to save them from sin” (James, Yvonne, Baring My Soul, “Hated Without a Cause” Poetic Literature, pg. 37). He was tempted in every area of life just like we are, but He endured the suffering and shame because He loves us!

Give the love that you want to receive before it is too late! Someone’s heart is in your hands, it is fragile so handle it with extreme care. You can put a tourniquet over the damage, compress it to stop the bleeding; but, you cannot fix the heart – it takes God to do that. “From the depths of my heart, I bowed myself before you and rendered my soul captive – a prisoner to your will. I adored you, enamored you but as I learned to love myself; for the first time, I saw you for what you really are – a swine” (James, Yvonne, Baring My Soul, “Pearls Before a Swine” Poetic Literature, pg. 23).


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When Love Hurts ~~~ Yvonne James | https://www.yvonnejames.com





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