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The tension that rejection brings burns a fire under you producing the drive, grit, and grind you need to succeed. You just can’t live off of ACCEPTANCES, you have to have some REJECTIONS too – it is like a zesty seasoning that adds flavor to life! Being rejected makes you play harder, plan harder, and prepare harder! Most people who are successful will tell you that their idea, invention, or concept was rejected on numerous occasions – but they did not give up on their dreams, they did not give up on themselves, they did not give up on their faith. They persevered and as a result, they are living out their dreams.

I am not going to lie, rejection stinks – it sucks big time. Refused, denied, declined, dismissed, turned away – that is all you ever hear! And, if you hear it often enough, it can take a toll on your psyche! Truth be told, when you really care about your work, what it is that you are pushing, what it is that you are trying to accomplish – it hurts deeply! It breaks your heart when someone says that something you are passionate about is no good – it is enough to bring tears to your eyes! And, if we are not careful, it will make you throw in the towel. “I quit, I cannot do this anymore! Maybe it was not meant to be!”


While you are pouting and licking your wounds, remember that “all things (and that means everything including rejection) works together for the good for them that love God – those who are called according to His purpose.” I mean, we quote it, but do we believe it. That job, that promotion, that music record deal, that book publishing deal was not meant for you, because if it was meant to be, God would have opened that door.

Although many doors may have been slammed in your face, that does not mean other doors will not open.  That is why a door has hinges – it swings both ways. We can take a lesson from the parable about the persistent widow in the eighteenth chapter of the Gospel According to Luke. She would not take no for an answer. She kept insisting that the unjust judiciary address her case and because he got tired of her petitioning him – he conceded.

You can either allow rejections to assassinate your drive and creativity or allow rejection to cause you to thrive. When you do the later, your work, your passion, and your words become more flavorful, robust, and zesty. Your concept was ‘a plain Jane’ now it has ‘a flare.’ Your rejections were like a force that propellered you into greater and more in-depth thought and inspiration.


You recalibrated, recalculated, reformulated, refueled, reevaluated, regrouped, refocused! When you are hungry, you must be fed. What other options do you have? When you are invested and hungry for that vision to become reality – your appetite will not be deterred. When you cannot find help, you will be your own help. When you cannot find funding, you will generate your own funding. Rejection does not mean it cannot happen, just that it will not happen with you.

When life is not good, we think of ways to make things better, ways to improve our circumstances and surroundings. We don’t just sit there and say, “Woe is little ole me.” No, we get up, dust ourselves off, see where we need to improve our approach, and we try again. So, either you can allow rejection to paralyze your growth, success, and upward mobility – or you can live through it and use it as a callous to accomplish your goals.

Face those challenges head on. Create your own motivational climate. Every day, remind yourself of who you are, whose you are, and where you are headed. “I may be in this position now, and I may have been rejected on several occasions, a lot of things did not work out the way I planned, BUT I WILL NOT BE DETERRED FROM FOLLOWING MY DREAM!”

Rejection is not permanent – it is only for a limited period of time and short lived. If you are turned away, God has a better plan for you some place else.  No Now is not No Forever! Every human being at some point in our lives goes through rejection from family members, peers, friends, employers, etc. We just improve our resumes, tweak our presentations, enhance our skills, cheer ourselves up and move on to the next potential opportunity. Look at it as an adventure!


You are still alive and kicking, and the rejection you experienced is just a grand introduction to something bigger and better that is getting ready to enter your life. Watch! Rejection can be a road block or a revelation! It can stop you in your tracks or disclose some ways you need to improve – you decide. Before you throw that pity party, remember, this can be a positive experience and a learning curve if you take advantage of it.

You only fail when you don’t try! REJECTIONS make the ACCEPTANCES so much more zesty and flavorful! Rejection is only a detour redirecting and rerouting you to something better! Spicy!

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Zesty & Flavorful ~~~ Yvonne James | https://www.yvonnejames.com





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