Good Morning everyone!

I had an interesting weekend!

First, there was a hoax/prank that escalated in my hometown about a certain basketball star and our local utility company that affected thousands of people who fell for it! That was a mess!


Second, my weekend performance at Kwanzaa in July was very educational. I knew of the African-American celebration of Kwanzaa and its principles, but I really got to find out what the Kwanzaa culture is all about. Although I embrace the principles of Kwanzaa:

  • Day 1. Umoja means unity.
  • Day 2. Kujichagulia means self-determination.
  • Day 3. Ujima means working together.
  • Day 4. Ujamaa means supporting each other.
  • Day 5. Nia means purpose.
  • Day 6. Kuumba means creativity.
  • Day 7. Imani means faith, especially faith in ourselves.

These are all good qualities any person would do well to embrace. But, when you start talking about African Spiritualism and seeking guidance and strength from your dead ancestors – I cannot get into all of that.


So, I will be doing my research and will be writing an article about Kwanzaa vs Christianity: What’s a Christian African-American to do?

And, thanks to everyone who is following my blog, and everyone who viewed and liked my posts. I have a project for you just so I will know that you are not just clicking that like button and not reading – say GOOD MORNING! #smooches



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2 Responses to WOW!

  1. ropheka says:

    I find there is a lot of demonic worship in most African worship.
    I like the African Christian zeal in the worship service though.

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