An Assignment

a) We do not all have the same assignment!
b) Some assignments are long-term and some are short term!
c) Some assignments are for a season only, so stop trying to fleece the assignment – let it go! PASS THE BALL!
d) You are not the assignor, you are the assignee!
e) Some people have more than one assignment – they can handle it!
f) God has assignees that you don’t even know about, so get over yourself!
g) Need I say more? YES

Blogging with Yvonne

What is an assignment? In my opinion, an assignment is a mission or undertaking delegated to someone as part of their job responsibilities or part of their studies.  It can be referred to as a calling, vocation,  function, or duty.  Does any of these depictions of the word assignment sound familiar?

The Prophet Jeremiah, according to Jeremiah 1:5, was ordained a prophet to the nations before he was formed in his mother’s belly.  This was his assignment from his mother’s womb.  Yes, Jeremiah felt as many of us do, “God, I cannot do what you are asking of me. I don’t have the ability, I am lacking.”

Although Jeremiah was reluctant, God reassured him that he did not have to fear man, and made plain the assignment He had placed on his life: a) go where I send you, b) speak what I tell you, c) root…

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