Christianity: Sex & Dating

Ladies, get your bodies off of the ‘one size fits all’ rack, the ‘clearance’ rack, the ‘half-off’ rack! Insist that he invest 100% AND MORE! God wants your body too!

Blogging with Yvonne

One thing I know for sure has been a thorn in the flesh of every Christian at one time or another – Can Christian’s Date? Can Christians Have Sex? 

When you are single, living for the Lord is not always easy, especially if you were already sexually active before committing your life to the Lord. You can’t  miss something you never had. Now, it is like everyone expects for you to abstain from the lust of your flesh cold turkey.  Thou (YOU) shall not commit fornication – you shall not have sex outside of marriage. Zilch, zero, none!

Well, that all depends on who you ask. After all, God created sex, He must think it is a good idea because He clearly told Adam and Eve, “Be fruitful and multiply.” And, you cannot do that without lots of sex. Besides, the original Ten Commandments only states we cannot commit adultery…

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