Glorious Morning

God has always been faithful! Good morning! I have been away from blogging for a few days, but today I just felt a need to share with everyone. Sometimes, we are prone to complain about everything that is going wrong in our lives. But, God did not promise us that we would not have any problems, only that He would deliver us out of them all!

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God is a Deliverer! I don’t care what it is that you are facing in your daily lives that seem insurmountable – unpassable, God will bring you through. I truly appreciate each day that the Lord blesses me to live. I don’t take them for granted. A new day to do my Father’s will, to spend with my loved ones, to share with my friends. I am blessed. And, you are too!

Relish in this new beginning, a new day that the Lord has given you. It is a gift from your Heavenly Father, don’t throw its beauty away.

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What happens when the sun rises and the darkness gives way to the light. The warmth feels the earth and reveals the hidden places. Places unkempt and in disarray needing a hand to bring beauty back again. What happens when the sun rises and the birds begin to sing their hallelujah’s and chirp praises to His name. Glorious mornings where new adventures unfold giving way to possibilities – new life in every new morning! Wake up the world – we are here!

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“Glorious Morning” ~~~ Yvonne James | | © Yvonne James (aka Elder Yvonne James) and Blogging with Yvonne, 2010-2017. 


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