Dreams and Visions

The Lord showed me a vision a few months ago.

My husband and I were entering an attraction, an event. We were walking around sight seeing for a little while. Finally, we decided to go inside as it was nearing the time for the occasion to start.

What a shock. The edifice was beautiful, tidy, well kept and groomed on the outside – very appealing and pleasing on the outside. But once inside, there was garbage on top of garbage, debris was everywhere – on the floors, on the ceilings, on the stair ways, upside the walls, INSIDE THE WALLS. Yes, I could see the trash that was built up inside of the walls. Gloomy, dreary! Every corner you turned – everywhere you looked, everywhere you stepped – TRASH!

The Spirit of the Lord said, “Everything that looks good on the outside, looks like they got it going on on the outside – is not clean, filthy and nasty on the inside.”

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  1. Appearances can be deceiving
  2. Take a closer look
  3. Look at the heart
  4. The Spirit judges everything
  5. Clean the outside, but leave the inside filthy
  6. Priorities out of place

“DREAMS AND VISIONS” ~~~ Yvonne James | https://www.yvonnejames.com | © Yvonne James (aka Elder Yvonne James) and Blogging with Yvonne, 2010-2017. 


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