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Although I do not classify myself as an activist writer, I do write to advocate, educate, minister, and inspire change – morally, socially, and spiritually!

Some people are more concerned about QUANTITY – the amount, the total, the volume. I, on the other hand, am focused on QUALITY – the standard, the caliber, the character! I would rather have a little of a good thing, than a whole lot of nothing! If you could sum me up, I would say, “I am definitely not a trend – a drifter and shifter! I am a classic – outstanding and first-rate, a masterpiece that stands the test of time!” That is the type of product and service I aim to provide as an entrepreneur and as a Minister of the Gospel. #iAMINSPIRED

It all originated with a dream and a prayer. Today, I am honored to share my work with the world, and deliver to your doorstep comfort and inspiration. For many years to come, I hope you will enjoy my books and other products – as much as I have taken pleasure in creating my store’s contents. Just For You, My Audience!

Yvonne James | Blogger, Poet, and Novelist
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Yvonne James | Creator of RocheWear
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